We Intend On Contributing To A Justifiable Patriot Revolution In America Until Death Do Us Part (2-2-2014)

We Intend On Contributing To A Justifiable Patriot Revolution In America Until Death Do Us Part (2-2-2014)

Posted on February 2, 2014



We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries!  

Here are most of our many Patriot Related Educational Websites—>

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America

Web Page> http://sweetsixteenwebsites.com/21-revolution-educational-websites-for-the-patriot-movement-in-america

Perhaps You See—>

For our heroic Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team to Avoid the FEMA camps and possible, if not probable—> execution by guillotine.

There is No Other Way Out for Us as a Patriot Educational Website Development Team that blogs about Alternative Medical Discovery Suppression of Truth and Other Kinds of Federal Government Suppression Of Truth.

The Feds Must Fall or—>

We As A Patriot WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Will All Be Jailed Forever or Executed.

Talk about Having the Motivation To Succeed in Toppling the Federal Government—> We’ve Sure Got It!!!—> rotflmao—> but we are sure having some fun!  (There is a lot of work to do, but the Cause Is Not Lost BY ANY MEANS!

Pot HELPS US Oftentimes TO HAVE SOME Hippie 420 FUN!

We Sure Do NEED To Have a Hippie Woodstock again!

Only lets make use of the Power of a Free and Open Internet this time!

An Internet Woodstock of one name or another Would Make A Great Preclude to a Justifiable Revolution in America!

A 420 Hippie Internet Singles Meeting Site for one on one “new friends” meeting and smoking pot openly with each other via Internet Video Means ought to be developed for all the lonely stoners out there!

You just come on in, find an opening and person you are interested in lighting up with, and then connect with them by invite.

This Meeting Site Would Also Include Multiple Group Sizes besides one on one.

Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight on our “virtual stoner tables”, like we were playing poker but instead getting stoned! and maybe playing free or money poker too!

Incidentally, My 20″ iMac would video handle a table of eight well.

And there could be “a changeable Table Topic by vote”.

You’d never be lonely when you 420 lit up again.

And you could get stoned with your Internet Friends!

You’d fill your bowl, come online, and hang out until someone passed a lighter or light to you as an invite using him or her in video cam mode saying “wanna get stoned with me?”—> and you could chose by clicking on and/or dragging on yes, no, maybe, maybe later, or click on other stock messages on a menu going down the side of the page such as you look sexy when you are stoned, i order you to have a hit for me, i am going to spank you and make you get real stoned for me, i just want to get silly, can you make me laugh?, where are u city and state? etc.

Have one side of the video chat page with non-sexual stuff, and the other all with a sexual overtone.

Group clickable and/or drag-able items on each page side to be able to easily find them.

What a Popular Stoner Site this might become.

Many Millions of users eventually. (I would think, assuming that the 420 video chatting and 420 meeting platforms were both well designed, and hooked up to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc.)

Perhaps millions pretty quick!

Google and Facebook should both do this stuff, or develop it jointly.

We could incorporate these ideas into our Internet Woodstock one!

Let’s openly defy some Federal Laws (depending on where you live) on the Internet and get high with each other while the NSA watches and records us!

It would be a scream!

Another idea—> how about adapting the above idea to the Patriot Movement, whether they smoke pot or not? Local groups could greatly benefit from this, if they were brave enough to ignore the NSA monitoring and recording of them, and careful about “what they say”.


Facebook and Google+ are enormously helpful to the Patriot Movement in America, but they are not enough—>

Due to these missing additional software platforms “to easily connect with your FB, Google+ and other Internet Friends”, especially in regard to the idea for well designed software for 420 Video Chat—> and Perhaps Drinking Chat and Straight Chat and You Will Get High and I will stay straight chat, etc.

What do you think? (Comment Below)

And what are your ideas? (Comment Below)

This blog needs another day or two to complete.

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