An Internet Woodstock Concert; A Simple Yet Profound Idea That Would Change American And World History (12-22-2013)

The material below is being written in here. It will be a bit awkward and organizationally incorrect while it is being worked on. I have a strong tendency to write “stand alone sentences”—> ones that need Cut & Paste work later in order to make proper sense. Please allow me until mid to late January 2014 to make this critical blog all that it can and should be.  Allen D

The first Woodstock that was held in August of 1969 was a Landmark Event that both defined and changed America.  It brought together the hippie movement in America, and struck a resonant chord in an entire generation of young Americans.

The Woodstock held on Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York State helped to define “us”; Us being the baby boom generation spawned from millions of American families that were created at the end of WWII.

The Original Woodstock was not just a big party of a lot of young adults smoking dope and dropping LSD. It was far more than this.

Although Woodstock ’69 was most certainly a Big Party! of about 400,000 mostly young adults, it was many other things as well.

First and foremost in importance, although not often called such, Woodstock was an anti-war rally against America’s military involvement in the southeast Asian nation of Vietnam. Woodstock was a political statement by a generation being drafted into a war we saw no sense in (the author of this blog was assigned a draft number as I was born in 1952).

Woodstock also helped to both define and energize the hippie movement in America. It was the key and definitive moment for such.

Those that were Awake in my Generation knew in the late 1960′s that there was something really wrong with America. And we rebelled. We grew our hair out, and grew mustaches and beards. We were told not to smoke pot and drop acid, and telling us “not to”, made us even more curious about mind expanding drugs, and more rebellious.

As young adults back in the ’60′s, many of us instinctually knew that there was something wrong with a world in which one country was so wealthy and wasteful, while hundreds of millions of people were starving in Africa and other places in the World.

Many of us in the 1960′s grew up middle class, a dying breed these days. We lived in comfortable houses where the mother stayed at home, and only our father’s needed to go to work in order to support us.

Many of us white suburbanite teenagers lacked nothing in the 1960′s. Yet we sensed something was wrong.

Maybe some of this sense came from all the nuclear war drills that were held when we were in grade school, and we had to go to the school basement and cover our heads with our arms and lean against the wall.

Some of this sense came from the music of the day.  John Lennon and the Beatles were at the forefront of this, but other groups such as Simon and Garfunkel were important too.

Some of this sense definitely came from the Vietnam War, and the fact “we knew we were being repeatedly lied to” by the United States Federal Government.

Some of this sense came from high school classmates that were being drafted to go to war against their will.

Some of this sense came from the irrelevance of “what we were being taught in high school”.  We were forced to read and learn dry dead authors such Charles Dickens, when we would rather be reading authors such as Krishnamurti, e.e. cummings, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau and Herman Hesse.

Some of this sense came from people like Malcolm X and Muhammed Ali.

Some of this sense came from us watching the war in Vietnam and “the daily casualty count” nightly on the TV news.

Some of us also knew from reading Rachel Carson’s “A Silent Spring” (published in 1962) that the use of pesticides such as DDT was poisoning the natural world—> even poisoning polar bears that lived on icebergs in the Arctic Circle that “had never been sprayed with it”. We knew that “if we were poisoning the polar bears, we were also poisoning ourselves”.

And maybe some of this came from us reading FDA bashing books, such as those by pioneer nutritionist Adelle Davis that repeatedly made the #1 spot on the New York Times non-fiction list.

American youth were primed and ready in the late 1960′s for a watershed rebellious event.

The Original Woodstock held in 1969 was just this.

Our generation got together for a big party, and most who attended took mind altering and mind expanding drugs.

[Incidentally, the author of this blog personally took LSD once, and not at Woodstock, but the summer after at a folk festival in Connecticut that bombed (was cancelled at the last minute) called Powder Ridge.  I cannot speak for others, but I had a great trip for 14 hours, and felt closely connected to God the entire time.  I also felt a deep love for my father, which was odd to me at the time, because we did not get along that well much of the time.  As long as it does not hurt you, or make you nuts (as it did so many of my generation), a good trip on LSD is definitely a life altering event.  At least it was for me.  I remember distinctly walking up to a Connecticut State Trooper right after I came down, telling him “You’ve got to try LSD”.]

Woodstock was more than a party.

It was our generation getting together to say “Something is Really Wrong with America”, and sharing this knowledge with each other. (Remember, we did not have the Internet then. For us to Share back in the 1960′s, 400,000 of us had to show up in one place.)

Woodstock brought our generation together, until (a) the overuse of one drug or another (not pot, too many psychedelics and/or the hard stuff such as heroin and cocaine), (b) the end of the Vietnam War and (c) the passage of time eventually split us apart.

The late 1960′s and the early 1970′s was a Special Time in America.  You could pack a bag, stick out your thumb, and hitchhike across the country in as little as four days.  Every hippie that passed by you and had room picked you up, or so it seemed.  There was a great deal of camaraderie and love between those of us that were hippies in that era. John Lennon, LSD, Woodstock and pot had woken us up (and a little later than Woodstock the events at Kent State did too).

Times have dramatically changed in America in the past 44 years.

In 2013, we now have amazing communication tools and devices that we could not even imagine in 1969.  Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones are in abundance, not only in America, but in many developed and developing countries all over the world.

In 2013, the Power of a Free and Open Internet has connected billions of people around the world.  This connectivity is especially true in developed nations, such as the United States of America.

Can you imagine what a difference it would have made if when the Original Woodstock was held in 1969—>

If the Modern Communication Tools that we have today had already been invented?

Can you imagine “What if half of the audience or more in 1969 had either a laptop, a tablet or a Smart Phone?” and—>

That there was “Adequate Means” for these few hundred thousand Word and Video devices to Reach and Broadcast over a Free and Open Internet?

Can you imagine that Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, and virtually every musician that played at the Original Woodstock would have been instantaneously heard in real time all over America, and all over the World? with the Power of the Technology that exists today (until the U.S. Government Censors and/or Shuts Down the Internet under the excuse of “Martial Law”, of course).

Assuming that “we had such technology in 1969″, almost every hippie in America in 1969 would have watched the Original Woodstock and partied with their friends from Coast to Coast.  And there were at least ten million of us, if not more.

The next Woodstock, the 1st Internet Woodstock, could unbury a multitude of federal government Suppressed Truths, while partying occurred at the same time.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Apple, Samsung, —> please jointly work with my WordPress Collaborative Team to create the above—> for the sake of America, for the sake of the human race—>

And for the Sake of your Children as well.

More copy and edits coming on december 24th if the SF public library is open.  If not, to be continued after Christmas—> as soon as I can find a place to get online with my iMac.

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our Blogs Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—>

Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and Humanity Free!


The Irony Of My Situation

Hopefully, powerful healing nutritional supplements will remain on the free market long enough for me to be able to prove what I know to the world… in regard to how amazingly easy it can be to correct severe mental illness symptoms via natural means.

It is sure going to be a sad world if Big Pharma succeeds in getting nutritional supplements out of the general public’s hands in the U.S. (Big Pharma most assuredly intends to do this. They have succeeded in doing such in many other countries in the free world.)

God help us all if the above ever happens… for if it does, “it may spell doom for the entire human race”.

The Story Of Two Quests; One Completed And One In The Process Of Succeeding Some Day (12-15-2013)

I got over eight hours sleep last night! It is good to be well rested.  I started my San Francisco morning! at the Senior Center on 333 Turk having a cup of coffee (for the third day in a row).  This Senior Center is really nice, and people are well treated here.  I got my “Senior Center Card” todayso I am finally “an official member”.  Being over 60 has its advantages, it seems. I use this Senior Center as a hangout before I go to the library, which opens at noon today.

Every single day I have been in San Francisco I grow to love this friendly city more.

I belong here for many reasons—> and I know this 4 a fact.

It is now 12:18 pm. I am set up in the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) downstairs in order to begin my WordPress Blogging Day. I intend on developing this blog to the point that it is appropriate to Spread Around via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. (I try to get out at least one blog to America and the World a Day.)

Incidentally, I love my WordPress Website Development Jobdespite the fact “it does not pay”.

There was a time in the early 90′s that I “majority owned” and ran my own manufacturing companyand I was making about $100,000 a year.

I make zero dollars a year from what I do nowand I am far happier and more content than I ever was in the early 90′s.

Job satisfaction is the difference.

My job has so much more meaning now than it did when I ran my own manufacturing company.

My father Arthur told me more than once—>

“Allen, I don’t care how much money you make running Darman Mfg., or how many towel cabinets (Cloth Roll Towel cabinets was Darman Mfg. Company’s primary product) that you sell. Son, I am disappointed in you. You had greater gifts to give the world. Darman Mfg. Company is essentially meaningless. Money is only paper. A pile of money is a pile of paper. You have the ability to do more, Allen. Someday you will find this out.”

Art, if there is a heavenI know you are there and that you can hear me—>

“Father, you were right about Darman Manufacturing Company, and you were right about me. Thank You for telling me that I had more to give the world than Succeeding at Managing Darman Mfg. Company. Your telling me this made my decision in the summer of 1994 very easy to make.” (My decision in July 1994 was to give up the reins of Darman Mfg., and Go On a Quest to Find the Cure for Manic Depression, if such could be found.)

I succeeded in the Quest to Find the Cure to Manic Depression by April 2000! but then I later found that I had to Succeed in a Second Quest, or my Success in the First Quest would be meaningless.

I had a Very Special Mother and Father.

Few are as blessed as I was in this regard.



A Related Blog, especially its Conclusion, which Cut and Paste has brought in here—>

The Conclusion to Fame Don’t Mean Beans To Me (3-30-2011)—>


The health of the human race, its survival, and the survival of the planet, is all that I ever really cared about. (The most notable exceptions here are my two beloved sons Willy and Max, of course.)

Fame don’t mean beans to me. Neither does money. (What good are fame and money going to do for me when I am dead?)

I define myself as “a humble little worker bee” for God—> the little piece of God in “all of us”. God Nature, as my father used to say.

Don’t thank me for any of this.

Thank God. Thank my son Willy. Thank my son Maxwell too.

Thank all of the authors of accurate Alternative Medical Books, one of which is Special.

Thank Helen, my best friend after Jimmy died. (He was my best friend before her.)

Thank all of the people that helped me in one way or another over the years, both family and friends.

And give A Very Special Thank You to my father and mother Arthur and Marion Darman.

Incidentally, Pinochle between the three of us was “an almost weekly event”. Over the years (and there were many of them), we played Pinochle for hundreds of hours against each other, my mother, my father, and I. All three of us were geniuses in multiple, albeit different, ways. By their admission–> I was the best single deck pinochle player of the bunch, even regularly besting my mother, who was a Life Master at bridge, and one of the best bridge players in the country.

Marion, your deep love for me saved me countless times in my life from age eleven (my bipolar onset) onward. I think of you every single day.

Said tongue in cheek to my father while my mother listens in between Pinochle hands (she is the dealer)—>

Art, I BLAME YOU! for this jam I have got myself in. It is all your fault! (laughing my ass off)

My father was A Very Special Man. Just ask anyone that really knew him. We will all say the same kind of things about him.

Art, I blame you because you drilled three things into me time, and time, and time again—> both when I was a child and a young man.

One was “Doctors spoon feed out knowledge a little at a time, and withhold the rest. They are NOT to be trusted at all.”

Another was…

“Think. You have a Good Brain. Your Good Brain Will Pull You Out Of Any Jam You May Get Yourself Into—> If You Use It Wisely.”

And the last was…

“Money is nothing! It is only paper! A pile of money is only a pile of paper! Money is only a means to an end. It is worthless in and of itself.”

Art, on all counts you were right “in spades”.

How ironic! These three seeds of Truth my father taught me beginning in the sixtiesduring conversations around a round maple dining room table that my father himself had designed, toppled the Hoax of Pharmaceutical Medicine decades later.

The World owes a Very Special Thank you to my father Arthur Patrick Darman for sure.

I look forward to seeing Art and Marion in heaven when the time comes. We are going to play some Pinochle again! Hoorah!

I can’t wait to to tell them the story titled “They Messed With The Wrong Guy”—> laughing my ass off while I tell it.

It’s a story about the Stupidity of Big Pharma!

We are going to Die Laughing! my mother,my father, and I. Some of us might wet our pants-> or need to go the the bathroom in a real hurry! This story is So Funny! It’s an Absolute Scream!

My dearly beloved father Arthur died in 1996. He will forever reside in my heart.

My dearly beloved mother Marion passed away in 2005. She will forever reside in my heart too.


Two Somewhat Related Blogs to this one—>

1) The Story of Darman Mfg. Company and Genius (10-13-2010)

2) An Internet Based Federal Government Should Have Eight Presidents Rather Than One (12-2-2013)

This material was written by Allen D and prepared with critical help from—>

a WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth!


Old Wars Were Fought With Bullets And Bombs *New Wars Will Be Fought With Printed And Spoken Words On The Internet* Humanity Has Finally Progressed! It Seems! (12-10-2012)


Old Wars Were Fought With Bullets And Bombs *New Wars Will Be Fought With Printed And Spoken Words On The Internet* Humanity Has Finally Progressed! It Seems (12-10-2012)

For this Historic Change that Mankind and Womankind is Currently Going Through…

Thank God! for the little piece of God in all of us!

Thank YouTube, and those of Similar Ilk!

Thank the Incredible Useful and Versatile Open Source Program called WordPress!

Thank Larry Page, Google, and All of the Other Folks and Companies Worldwide that Support a Free and Open Internet!

Thank the Billions of Computer Users Worldwide!… For They Too Are Inevitably Going To Be A Big Part of Why We Need Old Syle War No More!

Thank a Standardized System of Open and Fair *Internet Based Roundtable Federal Government* that Is Instituted In Every Country Worldwide! or close. (The Tremendous Power of This Enlightened Great Idea Cannot Be Stopped at this point.)

And Thank My Brave WordPress Website Development Team!, Of Which I Am Only A Part.


Just Think! Of All Of The Human Suffering That Will Be Spared!

And Just Think! Of All Of The Environmental Damage That Can Be Avoided!


Just Think! Of All Of The Time And Money That Can Be Saved…

From All Of The Silly Unnecessary National Security Expenditures…

And From All Of The Extremely Costly And Quite Unnecessary National Defense Ones As Well!

And the Best Part is…

The TSA Won’t Have To Scan You To See You Naked!… and To Grope You Im Your Underwear No More!

As Dead Serious as this WordPress Blog is… a Little Humor always helps!

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Notable Quotes by Allen D On 11/20/2013 + 12/6/2013

Notable Quotes by Allen D On November 20th 2013

Notable Quotes by Allen D On 11/20/2013

A house for WordPress activists needs to be established. Otherwise, those of us fighting for a Justifiable Revolution are either going to be killed, or we are going to run out of fight, sooner or later.

If I cannot motivate Silicon Valley to solidly help me, how the heck am I going to motivate a few hundred million Americans to stand up to their corrupt federal government and take it down?

Far too few Americans are aware of the Real Truth in regard to the Suppression of Alternative Medicine and the Suppression of Energy Invention by the federal government in the United States. No one man or woman is going to be enough to make a real difference here. It is going to take a concerted effort by at least four to six smart people to wake America up on these two topics. I cannot do this alone.

If and/or when America loses me to Mafia killers, it is going to lose the deepest insight in existence in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression in the United States. It would be extremely wise for some wealthy, powerful and/or well connected persons in Silicon Valley to both Protect and Support me if They Ever Want To See Real Positive Change in America.

The Truth about Energy Invention Suppression has been on the Internet from a variety of sources for a number of years. It has yet to come even close to causing a justifiable revolution in America. Energy Invention Suppression Truth needs to be coupled with the Truth in regard to the fact that our government is allowing various companies and conventional medicine to sicken our children with GMO’s, sweeteners such as Splenda, unhealthy food additives, vaccines, antibiotics, etc.—> and then not allowing them to get well by forcing the use of toxic symptom masking medication in which to treat them, while denying any and all alternative medical knowledge and discovery at the same time.

The Truth about 9/11 is not enough to cause a Justifiable Revolution in America. It also needs to be coupled with other significant federal government transgressions in order to spark a justifiable Revolution in America.  The two most significant transgressions that it would be the most effective with are (1) Energy Invention Suppression, and (2) Alternative Medical Suppression. 

Obamacare foists the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine on an unaware and uneducated public. In doing so, if not successfully opposed, it dooms the future of America.

Conventional medicine will >>>Not Ever Change<<< unless the federal government is overthrown in America. Big Pharma, their Mafia partners (the ones that kept trying to kill me), and those who practice conventional medicine are all making far too much money from things being the way that they are—> enough money to corrupt every single branch of the federal government in the United States forever.

Please don’t try to email me anything supportive. Hackers go through my email inbox before I get to it, and delete any email that would really help me. All you are doing in emailing me is “identifying yourself as an enemy”. You are making yourself a target, that’s all.

The only real support that anyone can give me is going to have to start by quite literally “showing up at my door in Albany NY”. I can be packed and gone within an hour, if someone ever really decides to help me, and I believe them after five minutes of chatting with them.

Google is clearly aware of and has been very supportive of my WordPress Collaborative Team’s Internet work. Someone should take advantage of this fact, as it has reduced the risk of helping me enormously. Even the Mafia does not want to mess with “the Power of Google, Facebook and the Internet”. It is this fact that is keeping me alive at the moment. However, it won’t keep me alive for a long enough time to solidly contribute to starting a justifiable revolution, unless I get some real help.

If I die in the next year or two, don’t doubt who did it, no matter how it looks—> it was probably the Mafia, the same folks that tried to kill me so many times before. Although I have to tell you, that NDAA abomination (Obamination?) of law greatly concerns me.

Notable Quotes by Allen D On 12/6/2013 Don’t Mean Beans To Me!

It sure is going to be nice though in regard to my being able to get some really big things done!

4 Me, nothing really changes.

i sit at my keyboard for 16+ hours a day researching, thinking and blogging.

fame don’t mean beans to me.

frankly, i’d rather do without it.

however, it’s a necessary evil, it seems.

Ah well, such is life.

i’ll prob get a 420girlfriend or 2 out of this fame shit.

that’s about all fame means 2 me.

More Notable Quotes coming until Midnight on the 6th.

Allen D and Mark J

With Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress and Heroic Help from—> 

Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

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Notable Quotes by Allen D On 11/20/2013 + 12/6/2013

8 WordPress Websites Will Soon Change The World! @the 1st Internet Woodstock Concert


We live in historically exciting times—>

There is about to be a Great Awakening Worldwide!

Billions are Going 2 Be Rising 2 the Occasion Quite Soon, it seems.

Mark July 2014 on your calendar!  You sure won’t want to miss this!—>

Why mark July 2014?

Because in JULY THESE CHANGES ARE GOING 2 begin 2 occur!—>

They are going to begin 2 occur as (1) a Direct Result and (2) a Indirect Result of>

The 1st Multi-Location Internet Woodstock Concert that is going to be put on Worldwide!!!

—>This Historical Event Mixes Freedom Musicians in with Speakers of Significant Social Truths in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression, 9/11 Truth, GMO Truth, Patriot Revolution Truth and other Significant Social Truths as well.

The 1st Multi-Location Internet Woodstock Concert is Going To BE PUT ON—>

By the likes of Google, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Samsung, Apple and others as well.

More details on the above are forthcoming as soon as they become known.The Important Thing now is—> Mark Your Calendar in JULY—> 1st Internet Woodstock or just write—-> iWOODSTOCK! because that is what it is—> and it is being hosted by me and my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team!—>—> We will be on the Center Main Stage upon Opening!!! wow! I can’t believe this Dream of Mine is Actually Coming True! I owe so much to so many 4 having gotten to this remarkable place! Thank YOU ALL!!! You know who U R!

What follows are 8 Patriot Revolution WordPress Websites That Will Soon Change  America, and then Change The World.

1)—> a iwoodstock blog with no name (yet)



















Eight Presidents belong at a Roundtable of a new e-Government in America.

Our Facebook Friends call us Libor8—> which stands for Liberate!

And soon we will have completed—>

Eight WordPress Websites That Will Soon Change The World.

There is Great Power in Internet Cooper8ing—> and

>>>There is Great Power—>

in Internet Intuitive

Cooper8ing as well!

8 seems to be a very lucky number for my team!

That’s no lie!

Perhaps it is Not Luck after all.

Perhaps it is—>

because we R so dedic8ed!


i’m stoned.

(((I Love You All!)))

Allen D


Mark J 

With Our Deeply Appreciated Help From GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And Our Deeply Appreciated and Quite Heroic Help from—>

Our San Francisco Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth!


Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries!


Internet Educational Course Development
WordPress Website Revolutionaries!
 as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and the Rest Of Humanity Free!


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I survived a four day long murder attempt by the Mafia in Phoenix AZ soon after this blog was written.

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I survived a four day long murder attempt by the Mafia in Phoenix AZ soon after this blog was written.

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14) Willy Darman’s Baggie Idea Dooms Big Pharma Unless>>> (8-24-2011)

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16) Alarm!!! Beware of that New Internet Security Center Opening In Utah in 2013

17) About Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

18) The 1st Internet World War Has Begun!

19) The Power Of A Free And Open Internet Is Going To Soon Bury The U.S. Federal Government With The Truth!

20) 21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


Notable Quotes

I am a drinker with writing problems. Brendan Behan

I am a writer that likes to smoke pot! And **loves** To Make My Two Lesbian WordPress 420Sub Serf Bears! Get As Stoned As I Say! SmokeMasterAllenD

Be obscure clearly. E.B. White

The hell with being obscure! It’s high time we had 100% clear and direct honesty in this world! Tell it like it is! Thank God for the Internet! There should be no secrets any more! AllenD

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. Steven Wright

My book has a LOT of pages! Thank God I’ve got Two Lesbian WordPress 420Submissive Cherry Pies to help me with the page numbers! The only catch here is I am going to >Regularly Keep Them Both So 420 Stoned!< that they might get distracted and mess ‘em up!! 420SmokeMasterAllenD

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. Anais Nin

My great ideas usually come from shortly after those first few hits on a bong! AllenD


This blog is still under amendment.  It is not completed yet.