AllenD Knows That He Is Being Presumptuous In Coming To Emeryville And He Realizes He May Not Get Picked Up (4-11-2013)

According to Allen…

“Leaving Comfort and Safety and Risking my Life to come to the San Francisco Bay Area at this time simply seemed the Right Thing To Do.”

“Despite my not getting picked up last year when I did this, I have hope that things will be different for me, and that there will be at least one friendly face that comes up to me in the train station in Emeryville within an hour of my getting off the train.”

“If not, although I may be disappointed a bit, I will shrug this off, and simply make the best decisions that I can.”

“My net liquidity when I hit Emeryville will be about 470 dollars or so. This means a homeless shelter somewhere if I don’t get picked up. No big deal… I have gotten used to homeless shelter life, and I will continue to blog as best as I can from one if this is how things go.”

“I love my Supportive WordPress Collaborative Internet Team no matter what happens in Emeryville. This love will last for the rest of my life… whether you are willing to come and get me or not on Friday afternoon.”

(((Hugs to all of my Great WordPress Team… AllenD)))


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