Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart (12-20-2011)

Warrior Words of Wisdom Spoken From the Heart (12-20-2011)


Some are still in denial about the true meaning of the NWO or OWO, but it is still the same agenda…

I suggest that you spend your energy planning your defensive tactics…

I too will be on the FEMA CAMP bus…see you there.

I choose to believe that I am going to live forever…somewhere.

They can have this body but I will fight to save my soul.

We have little time left to decide which way to go.

Our Government Will Soon Enslave Us, Religion Will Always Betray Us, Only Unity Can Save Us Now.

Stand With Me.

Written by: Anonymous

Dated December 20, 2011

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Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s Magnificent Seven Freedom Song List! Plus A Few More! (3-15-2013)


 As a Result of The Way Things Have Been Going Lately for the 99% of us!, SmokeMasterAllenD and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team thinks it Appropriate that *We* Throw a Little 420FriendlyParty!!!, Get Stoned!, and Play Some of Our Favorite Songs! (4 U 2 Pick and Choose What You Like!)

Please Feel Free to Enjoy them! by Clicking on the Links Below!

1) Peter, Paul and Mary singing “If I Had A Hammer” on YouTube!

1.5… lol) New Radicals – You Get What You Give with lyrics

2) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Born In The U.S.A.” on YouTube!

3) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “This Land Is Your Land” on YouTube!

4) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Badlands” on YouTube!

5) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “The Rising” on YouTube!

6) Bruce Springsteen *The Boss* singing “Dancing In The Dark” on YouTube!

7) Billy Joel singing “The Times they are a-Changing” on YouTube!

Plus A Few More…

Ps. Alwin Thomas singing Best song ever.. “Freedom”.. on YouTube!

A Repeat Surprise!>>>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc6jd9P1X6w

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Womens Day 2013
We Men have clearly brought this World to the Brink of Extinction.
I postulate that Women Could Do A Much Better Job than We Men Did
With the Resources that Were Available to Us.

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