An Internet Based Federal Government *Should Have Eight Presidents* Rather Than One (12-9-2012)

I Have to Give Credit to my Extraordinary Father Arthur (“Art”) Darman for “The Eight Presidents Idea” reflected in the material below.

My Father had Carefully Thought This Idea Out.

Art Was A Genius and a Master Socratic Thinker (despite being Self-Taught).

My Father actually *Implemented this Idea of an Eight Presidential Roundtable on His Six Children* (a Seventh was born later) in a House he had built in 1961, and had Participated in the Design Process.

Arthur Darman’s Roundtable Idea, Carried Out In Modern Times Via the Use of a Free and Open Internet, Is Crucial to Getting America Out of the Almost Impossible Jam Our Corrupt Corporate Controlled Politicians have gotten us into.

When I was between ten to eighteen years old I sat at a thick Solid Maple Table perhaps Seven Foot in diameter every night for dinner.

Art “Held Court” at this Table often after dinner, with both his own children and many other neighborhood children attending. (We came there to learn “what he could teach us”, and Boy Did He Do A Great Job!)

What Deep and Insightful Conversations we often had!

One night Art asked “a full house of us teenagers”…

Is there *Any Problem in the World We Could Not Solve*, if *We Collectively Put Our Minds To It?* (in order to find an answer).

Then Art Challenged Us to Find a Problem in the World We Could Not Solve…

And Sat Back and Listened “While We Tried to Figure Things Out”.

Mind you, Art was talking to a Table of *Very Smart Kids*, and A Number of Us Were Clearly Either Near Geniuses or Geniuses.

Our Collective Answer to Art, after we thought things out, and discussed things for a bit, was “No, There is Not Any Problem in the World We Could Not Solve, if We Eight Persons Put Our Collective Mind to it.”


My Father Arthur Darman was a Visionary, a Master Socratic Teacher, a Big Picture Thinker, a “Man Among Men”, a Hard and Competent Worker, a Genius (he Tested Second Highest in the Country Out of All Navy Personnel that took a College Entrance Exam after WWII), a Late-In-Life Alcoholic, a Tooth Puller (with pliers while we children sat on a cellar stool), a High School Graduate (he was Booted Out Unfairly near the end of his First Year at Yale), a 40mm Ack Ack Gunner on a Minesweeper in the South Pacific in WWII (he shot down Zeros but would *Never Talk to his Curious Children About This*), a Business Owner/President (of Darman Mfg. Company before I was), an Educator, a Master Gardener, a Residential House/Kitchen Designer Without Equal (there is No Doubt in My Mind that Art was One of the Best in America at this, and he was entirely Self-Taught), a Very Loving Father, and a Pretty Good Pinocle Player too.

As a Visionary, a Master Socratic Teacher and a Big Picture Thinker, my Father Realized Over Fifty Years Ago the *The Power of the Collective Human Mind*, if *We Humans Sat and All Faced Each Other*, and *Then Talked Things Out While Thinking at the Same Time*.

And He Realized the Need For It (the Collective Human Mind) to Solve the World’s Problems.

Video Conferencing Creates Art’s Roundtable anywhere on this Planet, if it is Set Up Correctly.

I Propose to both America and the World that We Would Be Wise to Carry Out Art’s Roundtable Idea Using the Power of a Free and Open Internet.

As Bad as Things have Gotten, the Above is Perhaps the *Only Chance We’ve Got.*

Allen D and his Brave WordPress Website Development TeamOne Response to “An Internet Based Federal Government *Should Have Eight Presidents* Rather Than One (12-9-2012)”

  1. nutrientscure Says: December 9, 2012 at 4:56 pm | Reply   edit My Father Arthur Darman Apparently Had “Some Kind of Special Connection” to “the Little Piece of God” in himself. I Don’t Know How Many Times Art Said to Us Teenagers.. “I want to be Able to Get Up in the Morning, Look In the Mirror, and Like What I See”. This Simple Yet Quite Profound Statement has helped Me a lot in My Life, for It Kept Me Connected With “the Little Piece of God” in me. I owe my Father Arthur Darman a Great Deal for Well Educating Me as a teenager and young man, and Doing So In A Manner “Which Made Me Do The Thinking”.

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